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About Us

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We are a 501(c)3 non profit  organization committed to providing an academic based program focused on reproductive health, menstrual health and self esteem in Obunga [Kisumu], Kenya. The majority of the girls who attend our center are unable to attend traditional school but, with our help,  can still learn how to read, write and perform math. In addition to these skills, they learn about their bodies and their health so they know their rights, can better protect themselves and make better decisions for their futures.

We provide free art and school supplies, computer training, books, menstrual pads, OTC medications, clinic visits, and basic first aid care to anyone who needs assistance as well as clean underwear and socks as requested. We believe that hygiene and health education is just as important as an academic based education and we are dedicated to providing these at risk girls with whatever tools they may need to not only survive but excel in their communities. We know that the key to changing communities starts with its most vulnerable  citizens so they can educate themselves and ultimately become leaders in their communities, influencing legislation that will empower them and those like them.

Communities change by educating and empowering women. By serving these young girls, we're starting from the ground up. 

Meet The Team


Juliana Soares, Treasurer The newest member of our team, Juliana, a senior loan processor, maintains our financials and is responsible for working with Dennis to provide support to our center.


Our Registries
We want you to feel good about where your money goes.
That's why we've created fully transparent profiles at these reputable sites. 

(Charity Navigator score coming soon!)

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