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Meet Our Girls!

Trendy Filova.jpg

Trendy Filova

Trendy is an 11 year old partial orphan who dreams of becoming a model someday.

Pelinter Shiundu.jpg

Pelinter Shiundu

Pelinter is a 12 y.o. who simply loves learning. She has a dream of becoming a nurse one day.



Lenser is a 12 y.o. who has a passion of becoming a teacher. She struggles with self-esteem but is improving through the sessions at HIK as well as the friendships and support she's received from the other girls.


Ann Marie Johns 

Ann Marrie loves to be creative, she is 10 years old and enjoy going to school despite her health issues.

Martha Atieno_edited.png

Martha Atieno 

Martha is 13 y.o, she loves to learn and is a little bit shy, but since she started attending HIK center she is gaining her confidence as she learns how to read.

Halima Said.jpg

Halima Said

Halima is an 18 y.o. partial orphan who is very grateful for her lessons at HIK. She has dreams of becoming a nurse one day.

Innocent Juilana.jpg

Innocent Juliana

Innocent Juliana is a 13 y.o. jovial girl with an infectious smile. One day she'll make a wonderful police officer/chief commander!


Alice Okoth

Through support, Alice was able to complete school through Grade 4. She is happy to be at HIK and enjoys the computer sessions and sexual and reproductive health courses the most. She dreams of becoming a journalist one day.

Praise Joy.jpg

Praise Joy Adhiambo

Praise Joy is a 14 y.o. who loves learning good things and is full of bright ideas. She dreams of becoming a nurse one day.

Snyder Atieno.jpg

Snyder Atieno

Snyder is a 14 y.o. 8th grader who loves modeling. One day she hopes to be a model or maybe even Miss Kenya!

Brenda Aoko.jpg

Brenda Aoko

Brenda is a 16 y.o. who loves playing netball. Always wishing to be in school after she completed 1st grade, Brenda dreams of returning to school and becoming a nurse one day.


Ivine Monica

Ivine is a 19 y.o. who has completed secondary school due to well-wishers. She has faced many personal challenges but finds refuge in the learning and friendships from HIK. She dreams of becoming an accountant one day.


Ashley Omondi

Ashley is a 16 y.o. who has successfully completed up to Grade 3. She loves the computer lessons and is gaining useful information from the sexual and reproductive health program. She dreams of becoming a pilot one day.


Purity Adhiambo

Purity is a 16 y.o. girl who is very grateful for the computer and sexual health and reproduction lessons at HIK. She dreams of becoming a journalist one day.

Ahammida Ahmed_edited.png

Ahammida Ahmed  

Ahammida is 13 y.o She loves going to school and is a great storyteller, she aspires to be a business woman. She faces challenges at home but finds happiness in the HIK center.

Natasha Atieno.png

Natasha Atieno

Natasha is 12 y.o and she wasn't able to attend school at an earlier age becuase of family challenges. Since joining HIK, she is learning how to read and write and this is helping to improve her self-esteem.


Anastacia Anyango

Anastacia is always curious and loves to come up with new ideas! Her parents are struggling, but are committed to keeping Anastacia and her siblings in school as long as they can.

Mwanahawa Isaa

Mwanahawa is always jovial and easy to interact with. She is happy to find a place where she can learn about SRH (sex and reproductive health) despite being denied by her religion as a taboo.

Neema Akinyi

Neema is known for her passion for creativity and graphic design. She loves drawing and is always excited and ready to learn new things.

Shonel Candy.png

Shonel Candy   

Shonel likes interacting with people and discovering new things! She is a 13 y.o girl who lives with her grand-mother is always ready to learn.

Beffine Akoth_edited.png

Beffine Akoth

Befine is 11 y.o and her passion is to become a teacher. She loves to learn!

Angle Merole.png

Angle Merole

Angle enjoys drawing and coloring, always pays attention in all the classes, and she would love to be a teacher to be able to help other kids like her.

Asma Issa.png

Asma Issa 

Asma is a great storyteller and her dream is to become a writer. She is very gratefull for the HIK center.

Melon Patience.png

Melon Patience 

Melon is 9 y.o and loves going to school. At the center she is able to enjoy drawing & colouring. Her ambition is to be a shopkeeper someday.

*Girls with red frames are considered to be vulnerable in status. A vulnerable status means they are food insecure and lack essential resources including medical care. Many of our vulnerable girls are orphans raised by family members of members of the community.

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